All Medical Cannabis voices in one





The PRMCA is an alliance founded by a strong group of business owners, medical professionals, scientists,  patients and supporters working side-by-side to advocate for the unique needs of the emerging medical cannabis industry. Its mission is to promote the growth of a legitimate and responsible Medical Cannabis Activity in Puerto Rico.

PRMCA builds awareness and provides information to eligible patients and the general population about the benefits of using the cannabis plant as a natural therapeutic treatment.  Throughout educational and networking events  we strengthen the liaisons of the medical cannabis patients & the community.

PRMCA engages in legislative efforts and works closely with government agencies to promote the appropriate legislation and/or public policy for the industry. We endorse the use of technology to elevate the industry’s sophistication and provide hassle-free process for all the  parties involved from soil to patients.

We are all proud and passionate about this industry. The power behind building this industry-led association will undoubtedly lead to become:

All Medical Cannabis Voices in One.






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